Shoes And Accessories Design Intensive

Join the Shoes And Accessories Design Intensive programme at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. This course delves into innovation, style and quality and how they influence the global fashion market. You will explore creative research techniques for luxury design, experiment with modern fashion, and tackle emerging trends and issues like sustainability and innovative materials.

The Shoes and Accessories Design course provides participants with a stimulating learning environment in which innovation, excellence and originality are investigated and developed through both theoretical and practical lessons, with the help of a faculty made of field-related professionals and many practitioners operating in the territory. The course explores creative research techniques in order to contextualize design ideas for development of the finished product, designing for the luxury market as well as experimenting with contemporary fashion and new attitudes emerging in the industry today, such as sustainability and innovative materials.


  • Design and the study of materials
  • Shoe design illustration
  • Visual communication & professional presentation skills
  • Fashion footwear heritage, culture and trends
  • History of luxury accessories & brand heritage
  • Shoe collection design
  • Creative research methods


  • Shoe designer
  • Accessories designer
  • Accessories pattern maker
  • Sample maker
  • Fashion illustrator


Meeting the needs of those with limited time available, this intensive one-year course provides the technical and theoretical concepts linked to the design of accessories and shoes and their production techniques, cultivating a new generation of accessories and footwear artisans, all set in the birthplace of Italian leather goods, home to key players in the accessories and shoes industry: Firenze.

Through the study of design and illustration techniques and materials, participants learn how to design accessory collections accompanied with technical drawings for the creation and the prototyping of bags and shoes.

Participants are guided through an experimentation with new materials, for contemporary aesthetic value and performance, while being encouraged to develop their own personal ‘visual language’ and style. This intensive course also looks into relevant communication skills in new media, key to present their own design proposals, and concludes with the creation of an individual working portfolio.

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