Fashion Design & Accessories (Womenswear) Semester

Join the Fashion Design & Accessories (Womenswear) programme at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. If you have at least one year of undergraduate education, study-abroad semesters provide valuable insights into European culture, lifestyle, and trends. You will also learn about contemporary issues and luxury brands’ impact and explore modern creativity. 

Broaden your fashion career horizons With a focus on femininity and the changing female silhouette, this semester course provides a multi-skilled approach to design covering both clothing and accessories design.

Aimed at students with at least one year of previous undergraduate study in fashion design, fashion accessories, or similar field, the course encourages participants to develop their knowledge and skill in fashion and accessories, as well as broadening horizons for personal growth and future career development.


SEMESTER 1 – Autumn start

  • History of Art & Fashion
  • Sociology of Fashion
  • Production Processes
  • Pattern Cutting Skills
  • Design Methods
  • Fashion & Accessories Design


SEMESTER 2 – Spring start

  • History of Art & Fashion
  • Fashion Product Technologies
  • Pattern & Prototype
  • Personal Style Development
  • Fashion Trend Forecasting
  • Fashion & Accessories Design

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