I’M FIRENZE DIGEST is the Journal, Portfolio archive, and digital Exhibition space of Istituto Marangoni Firenze, The School of Fashion & Art located in the heart of Florence, Italy.
The Journal, written by the student editorial staff, is devoted to the Digital Renaissance of contemporary visual culture: a tool to investigate and narrate the interdisciplinarity and the new technological revolutions in the field of arts and fashion. The Portfolio archive hosts a selection of the students’ research, handpicked to portray the unique voices and skills of the Florence School. The Exhibition space is a digital venue built to host online projects of students and faculty members of Istituto Marangoni Firenze.


Scientific Panel: Lorenzo Tellini, Francesca Giulia Tavanti, Davide Daninos, Riccardo Rubino, Ivana Conte, Carolina Gestri, Francesco Brunacci, Ginevra Barbetti, Enrico Visani, Susanna Nicoletti, Manuel Ventroni, Carmen Alampi, Valentina Grigoletto
Project Coordinator: Francesca Giulia Tavanti
Editorial Coordinator: Davide Daninos
Communication Coordinator: Federica Calvi
Art Direction and Design: Enrico Visani (SMV – Studio Moretti Visani)
Development: QZR srl, Lucca
Editorial Staff: Francesco Agazio, Jessica García Corral, Camila Heredia Oranday, Sabrina Morales Echart, Abraham Yael Perez Mosqueda, Giulia Piceni, Marines Salcedo.

Cover Image: © Andy Picci, 2020
Homepage Cover: © Irene Pria, 2022

For any inquiry, please write: imfirenzedigest@istitutomarangoni.com

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