About Us

I’M FIRENZE DIGEST is a visionary magazine powered by students of Istituto Marangoni Firenze, The School of Fashion & Art located in the heart of Florence, Italy. It is a collective voice about contemporary culture – from multimedia art to artistic fragrances – with trend reports, articles about the School’s events and new technological revolutions in the field of art and fashion. Browse our channels and discover also many first-person stories told by students about their experience in Florence, with tips, books, playlists and places and exhibitions to visit in the Renaissance city. Enjoy!

Scientific Panel: Lorenzo Tellini, Francesca Giulia Tavanti, Davide Daninos, Carolina Gestri, Valentina Grigoletto, Miguel Garcia Abad, Odile Orsi, Francesco Brunacci, Enrico Visani
Project Manager: Francesca Delogu
Editorial Coordinator: Davide Daninos
Managing Content Editor: Guia Rossi
Student Senior Editor: Giulia Piceni
Student Editorial Team: Rebecca Ceccatelli, Isabella Chevasco Champsaur, Camila Heredia Oranday, Isabella Trew
Student Illustrators & Art Department: Mikhael Grinblat, Mary Margaret Mitchem, Asia Niero
Contributors: Vanda Anzalone, Gaia Giordani, Silvia Manzoni, Maria Luisa Matino, Rosa Smith
Design: Enrico Visani (SMV – Studio Moretti Visani)
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