Luxury Accessories & Shoe Design

Enrol in the Luxury Accessories & Shoe Design short course at Istituto Marangoni Firenze for an immersive experience in fashion accessories. Discover the fundamentals of drawing and colouring and the latest tools to unleash your creativity and stay on trend in the fast-paced world of accessory design.

The course takes participants from basic drawing and colouring techniques and guides them through the main tools needed to express design ideas, through to their visual representation based on the current fashion trends. After three weeks students will have a complete proposal for a fashion accessories collection, with work that is ready for progression into final illustrations in a professional digital format. This short intensive course provides a real feel of the fast-paced work of the accessories designer.


  • Accessories Collection Design
  • Illustration
  • Fashion Culture and trends
  • Technical Drawing
  • Graphic Design and Communication


Week 1
In the first week the students explore the creative side of accessories design, analyzing colour combinations and working on the creation of contemporary fashion illustration. The students’ presentation skills will find support in initial training in graphic design techniques. Study of fashion history and trends analysis and influences will offer visual and aesthetic inspiration towards the creative process of research and design.

Week 2
During the second week participants investigate the technical aspects of designing footwear and bags. They are trained on how to draw by hand for communicating design ideas whilst taking into consideration contemporary construction techniques and knowledge, as well as the use of appropriate materials towards the creation of a capsule collection, following a project brief.

Week 3
In the final week, students deepen their fundamental knowledge, such as research methodologies and technical skills required in the development of a complete accessories collection. The development of the student’s creative work will be supported through the teaching of digital design software necessary for realizing and presenting the collection project digitally, as well as through further training in graphic design solutions and communication methodologies towards a professional presentation.

The students’ creative approach and product management capacities will be supported by further studies in materials and their characteristics.

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