Curating Art & Fashion

Enrol in the Curating Art & Fashion Master’s programme at Istituto Marangoni Firenze to turn your passion for the art world into a successful career. Delve into every aspect of the industry, including curatorship, digital media arts, and cultural events, and gain the skills you need to succeed as an art business professional.

The Master programme in Curating Art & Fashion is the course where the DNA of IM and lengthy experience in the fashion business are blended together with a passion for art to create a unique learning path. The programme in fact aims to develop a new relationship between art and fashion using a brand new way of comparing the different areas that curatorship has within these worlds.


  • Curatorial Practices between Art and Fashion
  • History of Dress and Fashion
  • Art and Fashion Writing and Journalism
  • Heritage Management
  • Event Design


  • Art Curator
  • Fashion Curator
  • Creative Director
  • Art and Fashion Editor
  • Event/Exhibition Manager


Istituto Marangoni
Students who successfully complete the programmes delivered in Firenze will be awarded an Istituto Marangoni Certificate.


Originated as a means to construct critical and theoretical reflection using the object on show, the task of the curator has been profoundly transformed, allowing itself to become seduced by the charm of its own application to other sectors, such as fashion and design. From the 1990s, the moment in which a new way of understanding fashion, the two areas saw an overlap between them in a partnership that is now a new and appealing challenge for the art world.

Record numbers achieved by recent shows dedicated to giants in the fashion world show the ability of this sector to reach a vast and varied public, even when it leaves behind the display cases and windows to enter the rooms of that sacred temple of art: the museum. Entering this context means following precise rules and accepting the dimensions that are so dear to the art world.

Aimed at students who already have a degree or proven career experience in this field, the Masters in Curating Art & Fashion offers a path through completely unexplored territory, where curatorship is being looked at in every aspect of its identity – curating an exhibition means taking care of a whole range of conceptual and organisational aspects regarding an exhibition project: content, layout, coordination, promotion, financial management – and its current declination between art and fashion.

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