Art Management

Take your passion for art to the next level with the Art Management Master’s programme at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. The programme covers everything from curatorial work to event management, including digital media arts. Join now to explore new horizons and embark on an enriching journey in the art industry.

Both cultural heritage and contemporary cultural production need highly specialist professionals to introduce into the countless situations operating in the art world on an international scale. In a world that is constantly changing, actions to support, promote, circulate, sell and safeguard artistic and creative expression represent never-ending challenges for those working in this field.

The Istituto Marangoni Master’s course in Art Management offers a management and administrative perspective for operating within the culture system. The main subject areas offered by the course cover the art market the legislation applied in the art world, museum governance and the management of cultural heritage and company assets. What ties these areas together is the word innovation, closely connected to the potential that comes from using new technologies in the production, use and promotion of art.


  • Law and legal aspects of Art
  • Law and legal aspects of Art
  • Art Marketing
  • PR and Fund-raising
  • Event Organisation and Management
  • Heritage Management


  • Art Dealer
  • Art Advisor
  • Museum Director
  • Art PR
  • Heritage Manager


Istituto Marangoni
Students who successfully complete the programmes delivered in Firenze will be awarded an Istituto Marangoni Certificate.


Today, working in culture needs more flexibility than ever, together with the ability to transform and to provide immediate responses to new or unexpected stimuli.

There are lots of questions and issues that the digital era has raised in the last two decades, even in the cultural world. How can we connect our artistic heritage with the future? How do we make languages commonly considered to be for the few, and even exclusive, more accessible and appealing. How do we stimulate and involve a vast, varied public, with so many different expectations? What strategies can we develop to make the most of the possibilities offered by new technologies without changing the artistic experience?

Constant dialogue with art and culture professionals allows course students to acquire a solid grounding, learning skills across the board, together with specific knowledge of the way the system works. On the strength of Istituto Marangoni’s many years of experience in the Fashion Business and Luxury Brand Management, the Master’s course offers a unique look at the international panorama, encouraging the development of dialogue between art and fashion, including with a business profile, focusing on corporate investments, branding strategies, and company marketing.

The new face of communication imposed by social networks is also central to this area, where hybridisation and contamination between art and fashion are now established as winning tools when it comes to successful promotion.

If on one hand, more and more brands choose to involve more or less mainstream artists to convey their identity or launch a product, on the other, more and more cultural institutes are choosing to be endorsed by famous faces from the international star system. This course is aimed at students with undergraduate training or proven professional experience in the field. Thanks to this course programme, students will have the opportunity to complete their training in the art business and cultural management, to go on to fill various roles in galleries, cultural institutions, publishing and even businesses in the fashion, luxury goods and creative sectors.

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