Selling Fashion on TikTok: How Does it Really Work?

TikTok is totally shaking up the fashion game, but what are the most effective methods for selling (and buying) clothes? Follow these steps to implement your business strategy like a pro.


By Lucrezia Spina. Cover image: Kristine Urban for I’M Firenze Digest.

Lately, the expression ‘TikTok made me buy it’ has become familiar to us. This platform has a unique ability, more than any other social network, to influence our consumption choices. Perhaps this is because we perceive it as more genuine and trustworthy, without the overwhelming advertising prevalent among its competitors. 
Due to the platform’s reputation for providing reliable product recommendations, you may also share this belief. However, it is important to explain what actually goes into creating advertising content on TikTok. This doesn’t necessarily imply that product sponsorships and reviews are false; it simply means that the way products are presented may differ.
Here is a list of techniques to implement your business strategy successfully on TikTok!


Let’s start from the beginning: defining your target audience is paramount. To start with, you must have a clear understanding of who your products are designed for and, consequently, who your video content is tailored to. It is essential to understand that TikTok primarily caters to Generation Z, and therefore, fresher and youthful content is more likely to be seen and appreciated.


Defining a target audience for better brand strategy ✨ #designtok #branding #creatives

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While it may seem daunting to choose the right format that resonates with your target audience, once you become familiar with the app, you’ll be able to identify the type of content and editing that works best for you. However, it is equally important not to succumb to every trend by continuously changing your format, as this may make your content appear inconsistent to your audience.


Many of you may already have a personal account on TikTok. However, having a professional one can make a huge difference in understanding which videos can increase your brand’s popularity based on how people interact with it, providing precise information on how to use the platform in the most profitable way possible.


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TikTok’s algorithm is complex to decipher and is constantly changing, making it difficult to track which content performs better and generates more likes, shares and interactions than others.


People tend to trust and get influenced more by a user’s content than by a brand’s official account, as they are perceived as more genuine and authentic in providing advice and reviews on a particular product. On platforms like TikTok, where the audience is comparatively younger, the commercialcontent needs to be original and realistic. Otherwise, the viewers might skip it.


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In addition to this, the influencer should maintain a consistent style and sponsor products that align with their style so that the product fits naturally into the type of video they usually post.

Which fashion mom is your fave ? P.S. the Prada look is actually Dior, captioned it wrongly 😆 #fashion #fashiontiktok #fyp IB @Sabrinacsari

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We know that TikTok allows anyone to emerge, unlike many others where you have to pay, but you need to know how to make the most of it to beat the competition.

Live streaming is a trick that many underestimate. It is a successful way to connect with consumers and bring them closer to your brand by giving space to thoughts, ideas, advice and any other dynamic that may arise in the minds of consumers and that brands can explain in real time.

Additionally, it is now also possible to sell products live, which increases the chances of consumers making a purchase. Seeing all the details of a particular product can convince them to get it!


How many times do we forget the name of a product or brand? Even if we take a screenshot of it, we then struggle to find it among the thousand photos and videos in our gallery. It’s a common problem faced by many. However, now it is possible to sell and buy products in various ways within the platform, influencing our audience’s purchasing choice to a greater extent. There are different ways of using these new tools, ranging from live sales to shop tabs, to facilitate everyone’s shopping experience.


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