Fashion Management

Embark on a fulfilling fashion journey with the Fashion Management undergraduate programme at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. The programme allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of fashion trends and their impact on sales and acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry.

This full-time course is a strategic and market-oriented blend of the main perspectives in fashion business;covering strategy, budgeting, finance, product development, fashion marketing, communication, branding, buying, retail operations management and global distribution channels.

Fashion is an industry in constant evolution, therefore both time-tested and contemporary marketing strategies are analysed in order to achieve business goals. Participants learn brand marketing and development strategies, and implement specific cost control systems. By studying cultural, sociological and historical dynamics in fashion, they understand the influence of trends in different countries and realities and their impact on sales performance.

Fashion business professionals drive the tactical and entrepreneurial spirit of a fashion company. They work on production, communication, marketing and retail and must possess a thorough knowledge of the fashion panorama. They are able to identify with great precision which tools they need to successfully position a brand, a collection or even a single product in the fashion and luxury markets. They are experts in the business of fashion.


  • manage with awareness and critical approach all the technical-production aspects as well cultural-social-economical factors essential in the development and/or establishment of a brand;
  • analyze and manage all themes related with the planning, development and production of a fashion collection;
  • fully understand all strategic management processes, from mass production to logistics;
  • communicate the brand and its values by taking advantage of all expression techniques, languages and tools;
  • develop an analysis of products and industrial processes aimed at an effective management of productive contexts and socio-economics elements;
  • carefully evaluate innovation as an integration of creativity and technology for each project:
  • assess the economic feasibility for each product and identify improvement areas;
  • develop adequate management skills to organize your profession, in order to ease the access to the job field and the relation with the economic and productive organizations.


  • Marketing Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • Buyer
  • Merchandiser
  • Commercial Director


The course looks at current issues in the industry including sustainability and new media digital marketing (virtual platforms, e-commerce, social media) working to define a commercial proposal that meets the demands of the fashion industry of today. Key focus is also given to competitor evaluation and analysis techniques. Through the principles of economics and finance, participants are able to measure profitability and ensure compliance with budgets and strategies, and implement specific cost control systems.

Taking a fashion collection or luxury product through to wholesale and retail distribution channels needs a mix of both concrete business acumen and creative communication skills in order to successfully complete the process; determining target audience, price brackets, and planning promotion and distribution channels. Participants learn real-world skills working in collaboration with international companies on industry projects and case studies, as well as via guest lectures and talks from visiting professionals and experts in the sector.

The overall aim of the programme is to form future business professionals capable of creating a valid business plan, or commercial proposal, either for a start-up, new business ventures, or for existing brand development. For Paris and London schools only, this course is also available as a BA (Hons) four-year course (including Sandwich Year Placement).

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