The Ultimate Guide to Milano Fashion Week SS24

No invitation for MFW SS 2024? Don’t worry. All you need to keep up with the latest fashion convos is a laptop, chunky socks and this list of shows.


By Giulia Piceni. Images courtesy of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. Ph. Tassili Calatroni.

September can be a chaotic month for many of us. We have to bid farewell to the sunny days, put our flashy bikinis back in some dusty corner of our closets, and attend lessons again. This traumatic experience is not something that is often discussed.
However, dear readers, don’t despair and keep your spirits up because it happens that September is also the month of Fashion Week. It can be an incredible experience if you’re lucky enough to have an invitation.
But for those like me who will be enjoying the runway shows from the comfort of our couch, wearing warm chunky socks and indulging in delicious take-out Chinese food, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered!
I know you guys are busy readjusting to school life and keeping up with your lessons, so I’ve done the planning for you. I have selected two must-see fashion events for each day of the upcoming Milan Fashion Week SS 2024. There are 7 from established brands and 7 from less mainstream brands.
These 14 events are the ones that you simply can’t miss. Even if you’ve studied nine hours and only slept three, you still need to watch them because everybody will talk about it. And you want to join the fashion convos and look cool knowing all the references in time, right? So mark your calendar and thank me later.


In creative fields like fashion, peer support is crucial, as even the slightest negative comment can shatter your confidence. Watching Milano Moda Graduate is a way to practice this kind of peer support while also training your eye to spot the next Alexander McQueen, much like Isabella Blow did.

For those fortunate enough to be in Milan, don’t miss the opening of Fashion Hub, a free-access event organised by CNMI (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana). This event marks a significant milestone in fashion’s democratisation and is definitely worth attending.


September 20th is going to be a very GenZ-approved FW day.

This year, we’ve all had the illusion of becoming Kill Bill for a second by wearing the Mexico 66 sneakers by Onitsuka Tiger. With great excitement, Onitsuka Tiger will be presenting their Men’s and Women’s collections at Via Bergognone, which is considered King Giorgio’s territory (yes – the Giorgio Armani headquarters are there!). Does this mean the Japanese brand is aiming to expand its reach beyond sportswear and into classier styles? The runway will speak for itself.

Another must-see event will take place on the same day, Wednesday, September 20, at 9 pm. The one and only master in the jeans art, Diesel, will open its show to the public, which is great news for all the fashion enthusiasts who don’t have contacts in the industry or aren’t influencers. All you need to do is register on time to secure your spot. Insiders have hinted that this event is going to be a huge hit, so trust me and make sure you don’t miss out.


Inspired by the connections between art and fashion that Creative Director Izumi Ogino has witnessed in her life, Anteprima is a brand that specialises in wire bags.

These shiny, timeless accessories are crafted from a modest material and are ready to enrich IT girls’ wardrobes across the globe. While waiting for the upcoming women’s Spring Summer 24 collection, check out the adorable Sanrio collection, with the Hello Kitty and the My Melody wirebag lines in the Anteprima store. These are the perfect pieces for anyone looking to add a touch of Barbiecore to their wardrobe!

After working for seven years at Gucci and almost eighteen at Tom Ford, Peter Hawkings is ready for his debut as the new Creative Director of Tom Ford. Will he be able to make the Tom Ford brand relevant again after the namesake Creative Director has stepped down? The brand has suffered from a lack of creativity in recent years, but Hawkings is up to the challenge, and we’re ready to be surprised.


The fashion world is eagerly anticipating the debut of Sabato De Sarno, Gucci’s new Creative Director of Gucci.

He recently shared a picture on his Instagram, taken by David Sims, featuring Daria Werbowy wearing a bikini bottom with the G logo sticking out the side. The photo suggests that there will be a comeback of the 90s Tom Ford x Gucci sexiness, and we’re here for it.

For opium fashion girlies, the Women’s Collection by Han Kjøbenhavn is a must-see show in Milan. The collection by the Danish fashion house features sculptural shapes reminiscent of brutalism and garments charged with emotional inclusivity. Ready to enter your demon era like Doja Cat?


Maximilian Davis, the British designer with Caribbean roots, is the author of Ferragamo’s big comeback in a minimalistic, bloody-red version.

The Florentine brand has gone under the hottest-fashion radar after recently dropping a FW 2023 campaign featuring Uffizi’s masterpieces in the background: a true sign of reconnection with the Arno city, where everything started in Palazzo Spini Feroni.

We’ve seen architects become designers before, but it’s the first time we see a mathematician approach (and nail) the fashion game. Tokyo James is driven by his desire to create wearable everyday pieces that reference punk, goth, indie culture and his homeland, Nigeria. For those who love printed paper, Tokyo James also supervises the creation of a magazine, Rough UK.


The Sicilian fashion duo appears to be taking inspiration from Jean Paul Gaultier.

While the French fashion house is allowing external designers to interpret Gaultier’s archives for a haute couture show, Dolce & Gabbana is supporting other brands of their choice, allowing them to showcase their collections in their own locations. This season, they will feature London-based plus-size brand Karoline Vitto X Dolce & Gabbana. Whether the brand will pay homage to Domenico and Stefano’s iconic Italian style or reconnect with its Brazilian roots remains to be seen.

The Florence-based brand AVAVAV is known for staging runway shows that are prone to disasters, with clothes falling apart, models tripping, heels breaking, and the entire setting crumbling. Will they surprise us with another successful catastrophe in terms of staging and an absolute blockbuster regarding garments this season?


On the last day of fashion week, the organisers of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana have decided to take it easy on their audience.

They scheduled an entire day of shows appealing to Gen Z, featuring known and lesser-known brands, which can be exclusively experienced on digital platforms.

If you’re interested in sartorial and sustainable fashion, don’t miss out on the show of Maison Nencioni. This Tuscany-based brand’s gothic-romantic style comes with cutouts that are sure to bewitch you. Also, take a look at knitwear specialist Pillings. Their colourful and soft knits look as comforting as a duvet wrapped around you on a work-free Sunday morning.

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