Fashion Styling, Creative Direction & Digital Content

Explore Fashion Styling, Creative Direction & Digital Content at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. This programme emphasises the importance of digital creativity to communicate a fashion story and the growing connections between still and digital images to express new visual languages for the contemporary fashion and luxury industry.

This 9-month course trains participants to become visual image experts, with advanced skills development in subjects such as: fashion styling knowledge, digital fashion editorials for both offline and online media and social platforms. Through technical experimentation, cultural content and creative research, the course analyzes how to reflect the dynamics of images within the fashion trend system, through communication channels such as animation and video-moods.


  • Fashion Styling development and analysis
  • New Fashion frontiers
  • Visual communication & multimedia video
  • Emotional graphic
  • Online & Offline editing
  • Trend analysis & storytelling
  • Innovative research methods and analysis
  • Multifaceted portfolio


  • Fashion stylist
  • Art/Creative director
  • Fashion Animation consultant
  • Creative media director
  • Storytelling consultant


Participants who successfully complete this Master programme will be awarded with a First Level Academic Master Diploma. Recognised by MUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research) as an academic diploma equivalent to a university postgraduate level Master degree, participants will obtain 60 CFA (crediti formativi accademici) equivalent to 60 ECTS credits. Pathways available in Milano ‘Fashion Design with Womenswear Pathway’, ‘Fashion Design with Menswear Pathway’ and ‘Fashion Design with Activewear Pathway’ are a specialisation of the main course recognised by MUR ‘Fashion Design’. The final diploma awarded will state the main course title.


Focusing on the visual language of communication, participants approach the key aspects of fashion styling, learning how to persuade, inspire and create an emotional response. They acquire the technical, creative skills and cultural knowledge needed to realize a fashion shoot from initial concept to final editing through different contemporary languages. This includes analysis of fashion trends, storytelling and contemporary fashion contexts .

During the course participants also apply technical and cultural notions to in-studio projects, learning how to negotiate and plan the technical and creative process. Nowadays, professional creative directors increasingly work with moving images: alongside introductory technical and aesthetic aspects and video, that incorporate elements such as lighting, composition, editing and special characteristics of multimedia video, the course develops the participants’ business awareness and networking skills, bringing observation and communication abilities together with artistic and creative expression.

The Course also focuses deeply on the development of all the new languages used and requested in today’s Fashion Industry, shifting from the Fashion Styling culture to the contemporary Digital Fashion Frontiers.

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