Re:mixing the city: AR exhibition with Andy Picci is Online

Re:mixing the city (might delete later), the new exhibition project that features the collaboration between Multimedia Arts undergraduate students and visual artist Andy Picci, I'M Mentor at Istituto Marangoni Firenze, is now online.

Users can experience the project on the I’M Firenze Digest digital Exhibition platform and throughout the city of Florence through the digital lens of Augmented Reality.

It explores Florence’s iconic landmarks, chosen for their relationship to the history of fashion, to install digital sculptures by Multimedia Arts students through AR filters on Instagram. 


By Giulia Piceni. Cover image: Sofie Engelschiøn, I love you, 2022.

Like fashion, art is driven by an insatiable hunger for newness through a constant redefinition of itself.
The pandemic has transformed the way we relate to screens, which has been an opportunity for various artistic areas (and not only) to redefine their goals and mediums.

With the project Re:mixing the city (might delete later), second-year Multimedia Arts students and visual artist and mentor Andy Picci have traced a new level of interaction between the real and digital worlds, supported by other Arts Curating students from the same course.

The purpose was to combine two opposite creative spheres through a new experience. Florence’s traditional and unexpected landmarks have been chosen as a venue for digital and animated sculptures for their connection to fashion history.

Credits: Tommaso Tancredi

The audience can evoke and experience artworks with Instagram filters, a new tool that manipulates reality to share unique contrasts between intangible contemporary digital technology and the imposing past.
It is a new way to experience Florence, remixing the past with the present, fashion history and the artworks of a new generation.

Jessica García, Untitled, 2022.

There are two complementary ways to experience the project: using the I’M Firenze Digest platform as an exhibition guide, catalogue, and documentation, or exploring Florence through your Instagram lens to evoke digital sculptures in seven locations across the city.

Photo credits: Virginia Niccolucci

Andy Picci is a visual artist. He is I’M Mentor at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.
Re:mixing the city (might delete later) is realized by Istituto Marangoni Firenze undergraduate students in Multimedia Arts and Arts Curating.
Giulia Piceni is an undergraduate student in Arts Curating at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.

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