DIS-CYCLING: Embracing Sustainability With FENDI

Sarah Coleman

 DIS-CYCLING • The seductive allure of creativity in sustainability is the project presented by Istituto Marangoni Firenze in collaboration with the Maison FENDI.

It is planned to start in May 2022 and will involve, under the creative direction of New York artist Sarah Coleman, a number of students from the Florentine school in a process of recovering materials previously used in the brand’s window installations.

Sarah Coleman


by IMF News Desk. Cover image courtesy of Sarah Coleman.

A selection of students from the courses of Fashion Design, Multimedia Arts and Textile Innovation will closely work with Sarah Coleman, internationally renowned for making the upcycling of luxury accessories the philosophy of her work and who has joined the prestigious I’M Mentors of Istituto Marangoni Firenze this year.

The project places the material at the centre of the creative process, thinking about how a discarded material coming from window installations in FENDI boutiques can be deconstructed to find new life in a completely new context and in the form of a work of art, also thanks to the collaboration with Pardgroup, the historic Italian brand that handles the window changeout operations of all the brand’s European flagship stores.

A creative and interdisciplinary project that includes online and in-person meetings with FENDI managers and Tutors from the Florence school, who will support the young talents in all the stages leading to the creation of an art installation that will bring matter and digital together.

Mentor Sarah Coleman will work alongside the students, accompanying them through the processes of conception, development, and final execution of their work, which will be showcased in autumn within the exhibition space at FENDI Factory in Capannuccia (Bagno a Ripoli, FI) and will be the symbol and at the same time the result of an increasingly integrated approach to the theme of sustainability.

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