Sofie Engelschiøn

Soapbubbles, Giardino di Boboli

Sofie Engelschiøn lives and studies in Florence, Italy. She is an undergraduate student of Multimedia Arts at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. In the eclectic city of Florence, public and private gardens are an oasis, a form of stillness in the rhythm of urban architecture and contemporary life. The way each civilisation makes gardens faithfully translates its vision of the world, beauty and even the sacred.

Multimedia Arts student Sofie Engelschiøn decided to oper her sensibility to the milieu of gardens through a series of digital bodies, transparent sculptures constructed to resemble soap bubbles. These impossible yet real objects take shape by interacting with and mirroring their surroundings. 

Viewers can appreciate their delicate, vibrant colours reflected in the light, their shapes inspired by human figures, and their vital, graceful movements fluctuating in the wind. 
Chosen by the artist as a prominent example of a Florentine garden, Giardino di Boboli materialises the essence of a place of rest and reflection, where to meet oneself and others and renew ties with nature.

The choice of Boboli as a preferred location echoes the memory of Raf Simons’s iconic presentation for Pitti Uomo. The 2005 event included a fashion show, the launch of the first monograph on the Belgian designer, and a video installation, all intended to revisit ten years of his work.

Both Sofie Engelschiøn and Raf Simons have demonstrated a new turning point through their digital and video installations; they focus on a lasting legacy while also showing a new vision.
The viewers can decide when and how to view each sculpture, using the Boboli garden as a preferred location or any other garden in the city to create a new and unexpected dialogues with her translucent sculptures.

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