Claudia Giovannini

Claudia Giovannini graduated from the Undergraduate course in Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni Firenze in 2022.
She graduated with a Humorous Project entitled Pieces Of. Starting from the identification of a market gap, the project proposes the creation of an innovative start-up. She decided to realize a pop-up store that plays on two components: location and concept. Speaking of her project Pieces of she says: “The name of the project contains its essence: each person who encounters the project is a fundamental part of it, as the missing pieces of a puzzle. The main concept is a travel, a journey both physical and abstract to discover fashion and culture typical of a place. The idea is then transcribed through three main areas of the pop up: the exhibition area, the digital hub and the retail room”.

Instagram @claudia_giovannini

Fields of Study
Fashion Business

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