Olfactory Experience Management for the Luxury Industry

Specialise in Olfactory Experience Management for the Luxury Industry at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. This postgraduate programme provides a thorough understanding of the latest advancements in luxury experiences. Learn cutting-edge storytelling techniques and engage customers through immersive multi-sensory experiences – with a special focus on the sense of smell.

This one-of-a-kind Master’s programme delves into how luxury interiors, retail spaces, and other exclusive environments can build an engaging multi-sensory atmosphere for clients, visitors and customers to enhance their experience glamorously. Participants will also explore the unique world of Niche and Artistic Perfumery and how they can arouse emotions and create specific experiences and moods in Niche Fragrances, furthermore for homes, hotels, spas and retail spaces, among others.


  • Planning, developing and implementing olfactory and sensory experiences
  • Storytelling and customer engagement
  • Management of amenities, Economics and business management for hotels and spas
  • Niche perfumery and mood-enhancing fragrances or ancillaries products


  • Olfactory/sensory experience Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Amenities & Private label Manager
  • Niche and Artistic Perfume Brand Manager
  • Niche Fragrances entrepreneur


Students will gain in-depth knowledge of tailored olfactory experiences, which are key to amenity management. A particular focus will be placed on analyzing contemporary society and how experiential marketing affects consumer behavior.

Participants will combine economics and management know-how with an ongoing search for “beauty”, comfort, and well-being, aesthetic codes and trends, culminating in a strategic selection of fragrances in line with brand-driven color and style choices; the emotions created through these olfactory suggestions deeply impact the client experience, that will associate them with positive memories.

This educational path will guide students through olfactory atmospheres and experiences, analyzing the processes, tools and techniques used to create specific moods or get consumers to embrace a particular fragrance.

They will learn to use meta-styling techniques and the latest technologies designed to diffuse scents in small or big spaces and how to leverage this strategy to trigger specific reactions or responses. The Master course will also support students through Expert professionals and Managers to gain an advanced entrepreneurial mindset and the required skills how to think and set its own business in Niche Fragrances.

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