Visualising Ideas. Daydreaming of Rebirth: Martina Lucchesi

Some people can daydream. People can believe so much in some of their hopes that they turn them into ambitions. 

Every month, a new tool or strategy to visualise ideas used by students at Istituto Marangoni Firenze is selected and commented on by the editorial staff of I’M Firenze Digest.

This month, we are presenting the Rebirth photoshoot by Martina Lucchesi, Fashion Styling & Creative Direction student at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. 


By Amira Rossi. Cover image: Martina Lucchesi, Rebirth, 2022.

Red: one colour, a thousand meanings. This colour means rebirth for Martina Lucchesi, a Fashion Styling and Creative Direction student at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. 

And it is precisely this colour that inspired her photographic project Rebirth. Over the years, this colour has taken on this beautiful meaning. A colour that has always accompanied her but on which she had never reflected upon. 

After all, as we well know, every object can be a symbol of many concepts. If you think about it, red can evoke many ideas. Blood, for example, is red, and, as she says, “blood is the emblem of life.” But in Lucchesi’s creative process, red also played another decisive role: it managed to create a connection between her research and that of the great film director Federico Fellini.

Not only for the colour but also a shared fascination with a dreamlike dimension. Fellini was undoubtedly a great source of inspiration for Martina Lucchesi’s photoshoot.

In addition to red, Fellini and rebirth, this photoshoot is also inspired by another central theme: sustainability. She decided to deal with this increasingly hot and talked-about topic in a very personal, non-trivial way. Lucchesi approached sustainability by giving it the highest value, defining it as a way – perhaps the only real one – to achieve a dream, a new life. It is precisely in nature that the young stylist’s dream resides. 

Today more than ever, nature needs a genuine regeneration. A correct thought, perhaps utopian. Martina Lucchesi used simplicity to represent all this. A model, a studio, and outfits well balanced between red and nature. A magical dream painted red—a desire for rebirth. 

Martina Lucchesi and Amira Rossi are Fashion Styling & Creative Direction undergraduate students at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.

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