Flaminia Mattioli

In-Between, Stazione Leopolda

Flaminia Mattioli lives and studies in Florence, Italy. She is an undergraduate student of Multimedia Arts at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.

Built as the first railway station in Florence in 1848, Stazione Leopolda has been repurposed into a creative haven in recent years. Lately, it has been a venue for fashion, visual art, and publishing events, among other themes.

Even the world-renown Pitti Immagine Uomo fashion festival has used the space for fashion shows and catwalks for several years now, transforming the space into a safe area to discuss creativity, where fashion is and where it is going.

For example, fashion shows like Diesel’s in 2014 have taken the space to combine the craftsmanship of design with digital, surrounded by giant screens that project images of industrial and suburban landscapes. The brand aimed to demonstrate this space’s value, defined by the grandeur of decadent industrial architecture, suitable for a fashion show that launches a new and even more graceful neo-dark mood. 

With her AR sculpture, Multimedia artist Flaminia Mattioli materialised the station’s resurrection as if it were a mighty phoenix that brought it back to its former glory in the eyes of society. It displays what the space used to look like and how it has exploded to give life to the unique place it is now. What was once meant to welcome people into the city is an entry point for ideas, projects, and creativity. Past and present combine into a new landscape for the viewer to explore.

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