Amira Rossi

Photography & Creative Direction

Amira Rossi lives and works in Florence, Italy. She is an undergraduate student of Fashion Styling and Creative Direction at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.The most experienced will surely find many flaws in these photos. 

Yet, I believe it was necessary to make the message more authentic with some error. Error makes us human. And this photoshoot was what it needed to fulfill his purpose. 
For the same reason, it took place in multiple locations: a photo studio and an urban outdoor environment.
Non-random choices, indeed, based on the concept of contrast. Contrasts of colours, shapes, emotions. But above all, contrasts of positions. 

Fashion gets to the suburbs, not to exploit or treat them in a carnival way, but to emancipate and empower them. The studio welcomes a dance that has its origins in the streets. And it does so without judgment, indeed painting every movement of colour. These photos tell and draw their inspiration from the street in its entirety. Because the street can be made of everything or nothing. The street can accompany you or turn its back on you. 

The street is where you can feel lonely even if surrounded by people. It is movement. 
Everyone experiences this place in their own way. For example, one of the walls in the outdoor location read “How nice it is to live” (in Italian). A phrase that indeed had a positive meaning. Yet, at first glance, something was out of tune. It was the greyness suffocating that lost area in the province of Florence. 

Why, not only come to think, but even write those words in a place like that? Is it because our inner self controls our eyes? 
Maybe it’s all in the desire to find beauty even in what does not seem to have any. 

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