Sarah Coleman

Visual Artist Sarah Coleman is a Mentor for the Fashion Styling & Multimedia Intensive programme at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. Inspired by high-end luxury items and everyday objects, she creates unique handmade pieces by combining materials, logos, and archival items, focusing on upcycling and circular creativity.

Although she frequently collaborates with brands and retailers, Sarah is not officially affiliated with the brands she repurposes and the items she creates are unique works of art, each one made by hand and signed.

Sarah Coleman is always looking for the next frontier where art and fashion converge.

“I don’t like to confine myself to any one category, whether that’s artist or designer. Anything can inspire my work, so when it comes to fashion, I think of that as just one of many mediums I can choose to work with to express myself personally or conceptually.”

Selected Fashion Design, Multimedia Arts and Textile Innovation students work with Sarah Coleman to raise the bar on circular creativity. The upcycling project deconstructs materials from FENDI boutiques to repurpose them as artworks in entirely new contexts. Discover more about the DIS-CYCLING Bootcamp.