Fashion Product

Enrol in the Fashion Product programme at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. Take a strategic approach to garment technology, production, and merchandising. This undergraduate course covers all the aspects of fashion product development to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the fashion industry.

The full-time course in Fashion Product approaches garment technology, production and merchandising with a strategic approach – aimed at managing all the aspects related to the planning, development, manufacturing, distribution, buying, branding and promotion of fashion collections.

Participants learn fashion design, product development, clothing technology, coordination strategies, sourcing, buying, and marketing, understanding how to manage fashion products from the development of the creative concept to merchandising, budgeting, industrial production, logistics, branding, and promotion. 

Within an industry where the pace of change is constantly accelerating, where consumer tastes and market trends are continuously evolving under the impact of digital transformation and the growing demands for sustainability, the ability to evaluate innovation as a natural integration of the creative moment and to implement a successful product offer is assuming a pivotal role.


  • Communication Strategies
  • Design Management
  • Materials Science & Technology
  • Production Technologies
  • Economics & Fashion Marketing
  • Techniques of Visual Communication
  • Fashion Business Organization
  • Brand Communication


  • Product Development Manager
  • Merchandiser/Merchandising Planner
  • Retail/Wholesale Planning Manager
  • Operation manager
  • Technologist
  • Buyer

Participants who successfully complete this three-year course will be awarded with a First Level Academic Diploma. Recognised by MUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research) as an academic diploma equivalent to a university undergraduate level degree, participants will obtain 180 CFA (crediti formativi accademici) equivalent to 180 ECTS credits.

*The pathways available in Milano and Firenze ‘Fashion Design & Accessories with Womenswear Pathway’, ‘Fashion Design & Accessories with Menswear Pathway’ are a specialisation of the main course recognised by MUR ‘Fashion Design & Accessories’.  The final diploma awarded will state the main course title.


The course provides a highly specialized and technical know-how necessary for managing fashion products. Students learn to combine creative acumen, technical expertise and strategic thinking, transforming creative ideas into successful fashion products. They become aware of all the operations involved in the processing of raw materials into textiles and leather goods; they acquire a full understanding of the the synergies between production, marketing, sales and omni-channel distribution.

The program covers subjects as clothing technology, garment construction, range planning, budgeting and coordination strategies, fundamental to approach functions related to sourcing, collection merchandising, buying, retail and wholesale distribution. To this end, the course also provides students with the necessary managerial skills in the domains of operation management, omni-channel strategy, marketing, communication and branding.

Through the principles of economics and finance, participants learn to measure profitability and ensure compliance with budgets and strategies, and implement specific cost control systems. By studying cultural, sociological and historical dynamics in fashion, they also understand the influence of trends in different countries and realities and their impact on sales performance. 

The course looks at current issues in the industry including sustainability, inclusivity and digital transformation, with a particular attention to crypto fashion, NFTs, immersive retail and the metaverse, working to define a commercial proposal that meets the demands of the fashion industry of today.

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