Management Surgery

Enrol in a Management Surgery programme at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. This course enhances your understanding of economics and business, so you can fully prepare for postgraduate education. It is a pre-sessional course specially created for those who need extra subject-specific knowledge or technical tools to join a Master’s programme at Istituto Marangoni.

This short intensive 3-week Management Surgery course improves participants knowledge in the areas of economics and business for admission onto Istituto Marangoni master’s courses. Candidates who satisfy the admissions qualifications may require additional tuition in fashion business topics to achieve the high standards of postgraduate education.

Participants explore business and management issues specific to the fashion industry, gaining a broad understanding of a contemporary fashion business and its internal organisation, as well as studying cost analysis and the main principles of finance. In this fashion course they analyse micro and macro work environments, the main macroeconomic indicators and their influence on the growth and development of the global market, as well as the supply chain and product development strategies.

Tutorials help participants to perfect research in the fashion industry, focusing on marketing, communication for luxury and fashion brands, proving a solid preparation in the key themes and topics covered in all master’s courses. Tutorials, individual meetings and guidance allow participants to improve their knowledge, as well as identify their strengths, abilities and passions when planning a successful study path at postgraduate level.

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