Urtė Ilginytė

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Fashion Design & Accessories

Urtė Ilginytė graduated from the Undergraduate course in Fashion Design & Accessories in 2022. Born in Lithuania, in a small city, surrounded by trees and water, Urtė Ilginytė always had a strong connection with nature and her home, even when she was studying in Florence, so that is why she is interested in sustainable, timeless, eco-fashion. She describes her style as minimal, elegant with a touch of freedom, lightness, comfort, sport, and movement. Creativity is a tool for her to express emotions, feelings, life experience, and uniqueness. For her, positivity is a key to achieve goals and face all challenges. Being in nature, seeing water, sand, and sun, it is the most relaxing and inspiring moment in her life.

Instagram @urteilginyte_design

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