Noemi Messina

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Multimedia Arts

Noemi Messina is a visual artist. She graduated in 2022 from the Undergraduate course in Multimedia Arts at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.
In 2021, she produced Human Vibrations, a monologue and a stream of consciousness, with the aim to analyse how a body reacts to particular conditions, like reclusion and dream life, from a nervous and agitated state and an aesthetic perspective.
In the same year, Noemi Messina and her peers were asked to create a trailer from Lo schermo dell’arte film festival in Florence. In the same year, she also took part in a contest ran by digital artist Andy Picci. Noemi is currently working on a project, creating a comparison between virtual and physical reality; she’s creating an immersive emotional sensitivity, and a new world intersecting the virtual world and the real one.

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