Amane T. Aoyama

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Amane T. Aoyama is a visual artist based in Florence. As she explains, “To me art is a way of comprehension. Born neurodivergent, I am only capable to comprehend my environment through a logical statement. Art is an aid for me to be at peace with topics that seemingly have no definitive answer. Trying to understand the world in a factual way reveals an alternative realm of ‘truths’ beneath the surface”.
Her works reflect this, as she intends to provoke the thoughts and questionings towards philosophical concepts such as identity, existence, and connection and intimacy for her audience. She applies a very metaphorical approach that encourages multiple re-watchings or long observations to achieve her aims. Neurodiversity often causes a struggle to communicate with the general public, her works are an open invitation for the world to interact with her at her own pace. She graduated in 2022 in Multimedia Arts at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.

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