Marta Faellini

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Fashion Design & Accessories

Marta Faellini graduated from the Undergraduate course in Fashion Design & Accessories from Istituto Marangoni Firenze in 2021. She loves sewing, fabric research, and garment construction for womenswear & accessories. Hand-crafting garments, feeling different textures, sewing, and handling fabrics drive her passion and research. Look for Freedom is the name of her last collection that comes from a melting pot of different places, cultures, and periods. In her own words, the collection is an ‟escape from the reality, influenced by the myth of the revolutionary ’60s. Now, when all of us are relegated home, I want to get into this rebellion to express my new Hippie conceptual ideas. Romanticism, dandy aesthetics, Art Nouveau as influences of the hippie imaginary are brought together with the LGBT movement revolutions from the ’70s, the gypsy communities, and the Sardinian folklore customs, to reach my own rebel view of Look for Freedom, a collection, where bright colors are an expression, eco-sustainable fabrics are the new status quo, garment construction, layering, and silhouettes are inclusivity of comfort, practical and body freedom.”

Instagram @faellinimarta

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