Léa Colombier

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Multimedia Arts

Léa Colombier is a french visual artist who explores fictional, post-apocalyptic worlds that lie somewhere between ethnography study and science fiction. She graduated from the Undergraduate course in Multimedia Arts at Istituto Marangoni Firenze in 2021.
She creates stories with video, images, collages, sound, text, and soundscapes created with DV technology, to talk about the near future, while evoking the past. Mixing the influences of the anticipatory novel, and the notion of the archive, her works are presented as poetic experiments, which question our relationship with possible terrestrial futures. She studied theater at Le Cours Peyran Lacroix, classical literature at the Sorbonne University, and graduated in photography at the Speos Institute also in Paris, France, where she was exhibited in the group exhibition during the first week at Les rencontres d’Arles. 

Website www.leacolombier.com
Instagram @leacolombier

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