Filippo Barbagallo

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Fashion Design & Accessories

Filippo Barbagallo graduated in 2021 as Best Student of the Fashion Design & Accessories Undergraduate course at Istituto Marangoni Firenze. To present his last FW collection, Entity, Barbagallo worked both with digital and traditional media to produce his designs. Talking about his project, the student ‟felt compelled to interact with different images, creating an extravagant identity that aims to combine different styles and lifestyles. This man in his androgynous dimension becomes an expression of possible equality. The individual feels carried away by an exuberant mix of references, through pop music, to funk or jazz, with carnivalesque or bizarre costumes, which all aim at the search for identity. I wanted to break down the human form, deconstruct it and readjust it to these revisited styles, which can only be readapted together. So I decided to go in search of a man in a total search for indefinite masculinity. I like to create confusion, and subsequently translate it into drawings, volumes, and overlapping silhouettes, forming what I call Entity.″

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