Chiara Muracciole

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Fashion Styling & Creative Direction

Chiara Muracciole graduated from the Undergraduate course in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction at Istituto Marangoni Firenze in 2021.
Born in Paris, Chiara Muracciole is currently living and working in Florence as a fashion stylist specialized in a creative direction. She is interested in “learning how to adapt to the digitalization world that fashion entered into. That’s the reason why I decided to expand my capacities and to learn how to use 3D software, in order to never be limited in my concepts.” She describes her aesthetic as “something very close to Post-Soviet Constructivism, a raw reality that creates a beautiful symbiosis between nightmares and dreams. I love combining opposite themes and finding a new way to represent them. My main stylistic practices revolve around the concept of modernity in contemporary realities, I like to imagine possible future scenarios that fashion might follow and adapt it to practicality.”

Instagram @chiara_muracciole

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