Vittoria Sbodio

Make up, Hair & Street Casting

As in any self-respecting novel or film, the right choice of the main characters is always crucial. It serves to give the narrative not only authenticity but also credibility. Also, for this photoshoot, the selection of models was essential. We didn’t need mannequins but personalities, moving bodies and unresolved emotions. There was a need for versatility, no uniformity or even less banality. It was not a search for beautiful, sellable faces but real people with a story to tell. 

Vittoria Sbodio, student and collaborator of this project, describes the choices made in the field of street casting as: “Impulses of energy, colours and vibrations, in synergy with each other in the dance of life.
Dance as a tool for communication, a connection of brains.
A theatrical performance, using the street as a stage. Three emerging Florentine artists have expressed themselves by dancing in the suburbs of Florence.

The need to express opinions freely and reclaim space with the sole strength of body language.
Zidane, an artist and painter from Los Angeles, Tommaso and Laurent, dancers from Livorno, were specifically selected based on their unique artistic backgrounds.
This project was made possible by the incredible work of my entire team and the participation of three great artists and professionals.”

Vittoria Sbodio lives and works in Florence, Italy.
She is an undergraduate student of Fashion Styling and Creative Direction at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.