Your Gen Z Guide to a TikTok-Worthy Mood Board


Whether you are a fashion designer, a stylist or a creative, a mood board will always be your greatest ally. Want to master the art of video collages? You’re in the right place



By Lucrezia Spina. Cover image: Rosy Ramirez.

We all know how trends on TikTok evolve; one day you’re filming dance videos, and the next, you’re putting together mood boards. The latest TikTok craze isn’t just about creating simple image collages with a particular aesthetic; it’s about making video collages that you can easily share on social media.
And what better than Pinterest, a platform brimming with inspirational mood boards, to launch an app dedicated to creating and sharing animated image collages?
Pinterest has long been the go-to app for searching evocative images, collages, and inspirational quotes. It stands out as the social platform that epitomizes the aesthetic trend.


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Step-by-step guide to making the perfect mood board

But what exactly is a mood board? If you think it’s only useful for designers, think again! Whether you’re a graphic designer, fashion stylist, creative or fashion business student, a mood board can be an invaluable tool. It helps you effectively communicate your vision for a brand, a new collection, or an event. You can also enhance your room with a beautiful mood board print or spice up your device backgrounds to brighten your day.

So, what would your mood board look like? Creating the perfect one might seem challenging, but all you need is one app (Shuffle) and a bit of creativity! Here are the steps.

Choosing your mood board theme: from #mecore to your dream aesthetic

Choose the Theme. You can create mood board about friends, places, food, or even about yourself. The #mecore trend is blowing up on TikTok, where people use it to describe their personality, aesthetics, or preferences. Think of it as a quirky digital business card for anyone who doesn’t know you yet and a fun way to invite others to jump on board!

Finding the perfect photos for your mood board

Research Photos. Find photos that capture the mood or aesthetic you’ve chosen. Mix different patterns, colours, sizes, and elements, such as combining a scent with a colour or a drink. There are no exact rules; everyone has their own perception of things like places, smells, and seasons.

Top platforms for creating stunning visual canva

Pick Your Platform. Although Shuffle, a collage tool that allows you to design, publish, and share visual content,  is the most popular among young people, there are several other platforms, such as Canva and Photoshop, for creating mood boards.

How to create engaging visuals

Creating Visuals. Start by selecting the images you want to include and choose different sizes and cutouts. The more varied, the better the final result!


#greenscreen making collages on shuffles has been my fav pastime recently. I also use it to make mood boards for my kibbe and color season clients. It’s amazing. I love. Let me know if you try it!! #shuffles #pinterest #kibbe #colorseason #manifest #moodboard #visionboard

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Static vs animated: what works best for your mood board?

Decide if you want a static image or an animated video. An animated video can be more engaging and unique.

Now that you have all the tips, try using these tools for your work projects, Instagram feed, or any other creative endeavour!

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