Pitti Filati 95: A Hub for Fibre and Yarn Enthusiasts

pitti filati 95 fabric detail shield

This year's 95th edition of Pitti Immagine Filati, showcasing the FW 2025/26 trends, focused on the vibrant, sunny yellow of lemons as part of the Pitti Lemon campaign. We explored the exhibition, found incredible fabrics, met fashion pros and learned about sustainability

pitti filati 95 fabric detail shield


By Sofia Prati and Eleonora Mariani. Images courtesy Pitti Filati.

This year’s 95th edition of Pitti Immagine Filati (June 25-27 at Fortezza da Basso) focused on the vibrant, sunny yellow of lemons as part of the Pitti Lemon campaign, opens after last Pitti Uomo 106 and Pitti Bimbo.
Pitti Filati 95, the international trade show for yarns and knitwear, showcased all the yarn trends for the Fall/Winter 2025-2026, featuring a total of 142 companies. A standout highlight was Shield, the new Research Space, symbolising protection, refuge, and well-being as the key concepts for the upcoming season.
This fair not only attracts national and international buyers but also stimulates the curiosity and creativity of emerging fashion designers. We explored Pitti Immagine Filati 95 in Florence and found incredible fabrics, met fashion pros, and learned about sustainability – a perfect combo for fashion students and enthusiasts.

Exploring the Pitti Filati 95: A Treasure Trove for New Designers

As students constantly seeking new ideas to develop collections and refine our style, we found the exhibition of spinning and knitting products fascinating. These products, crafted with unique techniques and high-quality materials, offered a hands-on experience and the opportunity to engage with industry experts who explained their purchasing methods.

Trend Magazines and Vintage Books: A Walk Through Fashion History

Another captivating aspect of the fair is the sections dedicated to showcasing past and future fashion trend magazines, out-of-print art books, fashion history, industrial design books, and vintage postcards and prints.

At Pitti Filati 95 there is plenty of vintage clothing and accessories: breathing new life for old pieces

Pitti Immagine Filati also allows vintage clothing, footwear, and jewellery retailers to display their products, giving visitors a chance to purchase unique items and breathe new life into them. We had a blast browsing their booths and even found some exclusive pieces from limited collections!

Sustainability and Circularity in Fashion is a hot topic at Pitti Filati 95

A key focus of this exhibition is sustainability and circularity in fashion. As students from Istituto Marangoni Milano, we had the privilege of attending two seminars on sustainable fashion creation.

Seminar Highlights: Sustainable Fashion Practices

The first seminar, led by Elisa Gavazza, Southern Europe Director of ZDHC, shed light on the importance for brands to have guidelines and a future action plan to gradually reduce the use of harmful substances and promote sustainable, low-impact production.

Lean and Green Production: Reducing Waste in Fashion

The second seminar, led by Ester Falletta, spokesperson for the Physis Consortium, introduced the “lean and green” production approach. This method aims to minimise waste through continuous improvement processes, starting with better organisation in the workplace.

The Importance of Sustainable Production

Both seminars emphasised the importance of sustainable production, with the second session highlighting how each individual can contribute to waste reduction. As fashion design students, we often work with various materials, from paper and colouring tools to fabrics and garment-making supplies. Therefore, organisation and order in our workspace are crucial for achieving good results and minimising unnecessary material waste.

An Immersive Experience in the Fashion World

Pitti Immagine Filati is an immersive experience in the fashion world, perfect for anyone wanting to explore this multifaceted sector and gain insight into the intricate process involved in creating a finished garment.

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