Pride Vibes 2024: Celebrating Diversity with Style

From American presidential proclamation to a global pop culture phenomenon, Pride Month began in 1999 and has since gained support from many fashion brands, promoting equality and inclusion


Pride Month kicked off in 1999 when President Bill Clinton officially declared June as “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” He encouraged all Americans to celebrate diversity and honour the contributions of gay and lesbian individuals to national life. Since then, Presidents Obama and Biden have expanded the celebration to include the entire LGBTQIA+ community. From the USA to the world stage. Brands have jumped on board, using Pride Month to promote equality and inclusion through themed products and campaigns. Here’s a look at some of the most notable contributions for 2024.

Pride 2024 with Calvin Klein: love in full colour

Calvin Klein’s 2024 “This Is Love” campaign stars Cara Delevingne and Jeremy Pope, showcasing rainbow-themed logos on underwear and shirts. They’ve also partnered with ILGA World and the Transgender Law Center to create two exclusive shirts. The brand is committing $240,000 to LGBTQIA+ NGOs and will donate proceeds from a register roundup event.

Pride 2024 with Versace: be bold and proud

Versace’s capsule collection is all about vibrant Pride colours mixed with their iconic Barocco print. From silk shirts to swimwear, every piece celebrates diversity. Versace is donating 10% of the sales from this collection to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, supporting HIV prevention and education.

Converse: trailblazing spirit for Pride 2024

Converse’s “Proud to Be” collection honours the pioneering spirit of the LGBTQIA+ community with Western-inspired apparel and shoes. Designs include the new Run Star utility sandal CX and Chuck 70 sneakers, available online.

Teva: adventure with Pride

Teva’s Adventure with Pride collection offers colourful versions of their classic all-gender sandals. With a focus on inclusivity, Teva will donate $20,000 to one•n•ten’s Camp OUTdoors programme, empowering LGBTQ+ youth.

Ugg: neon and inclusive for Pride 2024

Ugg’s URSeen collection, co-created with Alok Vaid-Menon, features neon platform shoes and asymmetrical faux-fur dresses. This line is designed to boost confidence and creativity within the LGBTQ+ community.

Reebok: sneakers and apparel for unity and diversity

Reebok’s Unity collection, made in collaboration with their LGBTQ+ employee group, showcases tie-dye prints and comfortable, stylish apparel. Pieces like hoodies, tees, and training shoes are available online, promoting their “For Anybody and Everybody” mantra.

Jean Paul Gaultier: scent of pride for 2024

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Pride 2024 fragrance, inspired by Keith Haring’s artwork, blends fresh citrus and musk. This limited-edition Eau de toilette is designed to be gender-neutral and celebrates the glory of being proud of who we are.

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