Best Vegan Food Spots in Florence for Healthy Creatives


Trying to find good vegan places in Florence? Here are the top 5 Gen Z approved and tested to eat well and spark ideas.



By Elea Baumgartner. Cover image: Bo Bernard for I’M Firenze Digest.

In the ever-evolving world of trends, veganism has taken centre stage, becoming the “it” lifestyle for the cool, conscious Gen Z tribes. More than just a fashion statement, embracing a plant-based lifestyle has become a powerful choice for young folks. It’s not just about kale salads and avocado toast; it’s a rebellion against the status quo, a statement that our choices matter. For Gen Z, going vegan is not just about what’s on the plate; it’s a stance for sustainability, animal rights, and a healthier planet. It’s the trend that’s not just cool; it’s transformative, making waves for a better future.
Discovering best Florence vegan restaurants is crucial for embracing here a carefree lifestyle. So why not give it a try and see for yourself?
Everyone should contribute a little to the environment and, at the very least, explore some vegan eateries and give them a chance. Veganism presents a wide array of delicious food that can sometimes even outshine their non-vegan counterparts. 
Here are the top 4 completely vegan places in Florence. Ready for the tour?

One of our best Florence vegan restaurants is Giumella Gastronomia Vegana: Nonna’s cuisine

Imagine your grandmother’s amazing food, but completely vegan. A true paradise. Giumella is a Rotisserie with a love for Tuscan tradition and the simplicity of home cooking. 
Giumella is designed for takeaway and catering, but they have three small tables inside where you can eat.
They use organic ingredients from the nearby countryside and cook everything fresh daily to provide tasty and nutritious meals. They even make their own Reseitan every day, which is offered in various formats.
It is a cosy place, and the owner is super friendly and happy to explain and give recommendations. You can also order a lunch/dinner box for just 7,50€, which you can create to your tasting. All you need to do is call them one hour before you plan to pick it up, making it a perfect option for after work.

Wrap up: take the bus if you are moving from Istituto Marangoni (38-minute walk), very cosy, delicious, home-cooked food, wide variety of options, authentic 
Address: Via Lorenzo di Credi 12r, Florence.

Anja Stroka for I’M Firenze Digest.

Nirvana: every Italian dish in vegan version you can imagine in Florence

It has all the Italian classics you can imagine. They even have vegan truffle carbonara & vegan escalopes. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and so is the staff. Their desserts, like chocolate cake, are the cherry on top, not to mention their house wine, which is not only affordable but also tastes great. 
The recipes are by Piero’s wife Silvana, who has been experimenting with vegan-ayurvedic cuisine for over 20 years. 
“You don’t just come to Nirvana to eat well, but above all to feel food with the food that educates you to a healthy lifestyle!”. Definitely a must-try!

Wrap up: A 10-minute walk from Istituto Marangoni Firenze, welcoming staff, not busy, Italian classics, extensive menu, lots of variety
Address: Via il Prato 4, Florence.

Emina Kovačević for I’M Firenze.

Flower Burger: colourful buns landed in Florence

Looking for a fun and colourful way to eat? Then Flower Burger is the place to go.
It’s a vegan burger chain with restaurants all over the world. You can choose from 8 different vegan burgers, including a special edition which changes multiple times throughout the year. In addition to burgers, they also offer a vegan Kebroll, nuggets and many more sides and desserts. Their buns come in different colours like blue, purple, green, pink and many more. 
The atmosphere and the interior design are very welcoming, and the music is great. Adding an extra sauce on the side is highly recommended. With their app, you can even get a 10% student discount and “Meatless Monday” where everything is 10% off. 

Wrap up: A 10-minute walk form Istituto Marangoni Firenze (perfect for a lunch break), great atmosphere, extraordinary interior design, colourful buns
Address: Via S. Gallo, 13, Florence.

Anja Stroka for I’M Firenze Digest.

Raw Vegan: healthy with a twist

The health queen on the list. With their diverse range of bowls, pizzas, juices, gelato, wraps, burgers, salads, breakfast options, smoothies, and so on, they redefine raw vegan food. All the ingredients used are unprocessed, which means there are no artificial sugars or colourings, and only whole foods and natural ingredients are used. For their pizzas, you can choose a raw or a cooked base, both of which come with their homemade vegan cheese. You can even request fresh nut milk to be made for you on site!
The staff are very friendly and happy to explain anything you may be curious about. Even during busy hours, they will let you take your time. The outside seating area is wonderful, too. 

Wrap up: 13-minute walk from Istituto Marangoni, healthy and nutritious food, friendly staff
Address: Via Sant’Agostino 11B, Florence.

Kristine Urban for I’M Firenze Digest.

Edoardo il gelato biologico: Salted Pistachio is the highlight here

Can’t give up ice cream even in winter, but looking for some vegan options? Eduardo il Gelato Biologico is the best choice in Florence. It’s the first certified organic Gelateria in Tuscany, and they are committed to quality in everything they do. They specialise in artisanal gelato, which is made using traditional methods. One of their signature products is their crispy wafer, which they make fresh right before your eyes.
They offer a rotating selection of flavours that changes with the seasons, from fruity summer flavours to more intense autumn treats. Additionally, they have a range of vegan options, not only fruit-based but also creamy flavours that are marked with a little green leaf symbol.
The salted pistachio flavour is a must-try, offering a perfect blend of richness, creaminess and sweetness with a subtle hint of saltiness that will leave you wanting more. You would never guess there are no dairy ingredients in it. And if you visit in late summer, be sure to try their red wine sorbet, which takes the sorbet game to a whole new level.

Wrap up: 8-minute walk from Istituto Marangoni, authentic, traditional, vegan options, organic, fresh wafer cones
Address: Piazza del Duomo 45/R, Florence.

The city of Florence and its vegan restaurants list is one ingredient of the secret recipe for our creative nourishment too.

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