Why I AM AI is the Metaverse Fashion Show you can’t Miss

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3 reasons why this Metaverse Fashion Show featuring Featuring Istituto Marangoni talents is a must-see catwalk for fashion lovers, designers and buyers

metaverse-fashion-show MANIFESTO screen 3 copia


By Giulia Piceni.

What if a Metaverse Fashion Show breaks the boundaries of traditional fashion rules in showcasing collections? The Metaverse took on an important, holistic role during the pandemic, covering several aspects of our lives, from work meetings to creativity.
Despite the tragic effects of Covid-19, the creative realm has learned many lessons, transforming the token-based tool from a compromise linked to the past into a new frontier for artists and designers. I AM AI is the ultimate proof of how the metaverse has evolved, gaining a concrete use in fashion. 
I AM AI is a Metaverse Fashion show that will take place in the virtual space between blockchains and avatars, aiming to bring together Fashion Design talents from Istituto Marangoni schools around the world. What is going to happen during this amazing experience? It will be an immersive virtual journey with avatar-models wearing digital collections of 7 IM schools, surrounded by a morphing background created by the artificial intelligence. 


The fashion show will feature the work of the top graduate students from various Fashion Design programmes across seven global venues of Istituto Marangoni. The aim of I AM AI  is to create a cutting-edge event that brings together different voices with one common goal: to celebrate talent. 

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From Istituto Marangoni Mumbai.

Istituto Marangoni has partnered with the renowned collective Monogrid to create digital spaces that reflect the creative ethos of each fashion designer. Now the big question is – why opt for a Metaverse show? The answer is simple. Coming from all corners of the world, the talents taking part in the event would have faced several difficulties if the show had taken place physically.

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From Istituto Marangoni Paris.

Moreover, if that had been the case, the creations that took them months of hard work would have been admired only by a limited number of people. However, thanks to the metaverse experience, the three selected outfits from their graduate collections will be available for a wider audience, including fashion enthusiasts, young designers and even buyers. Who knows if they will spot the next McQueen?


Fashion shows used to be exclusive events that were only accessible to a select few. However, many brands have now broken this taboo, allowing even amateur crowds to attend. With the rise of online spaces, being inclusive is easier – all it takes is a link and a desire to appreciate the art on display. This is the ethos behind the I AM AI Metaverse fashion show, which will be open to all fashion enthusiasts, regardless of whether they are directly involved in the industry or not. 

metaverse-fashion-show SHANGHAI 16_9 copia
From Istituto Marangoni Shanghai.

Other fashion designers will be undoubtedly inspired by the creation of their peers and by the unique display method used in the Metaverse. This will open up new horizons for them and give them ideas for how they can showcase their work to the public.
One of the biggest advantages of I AM AI is that it showcases the process behind each garment, giving viewers a glimpse into the time and effort that goes into creating each piece using Clo3D. This is an aspect that a physical show could never display.

metaverse-fashion-show MILANO 16_9 copia
From Istituto Marangoni Milano.

Buyers are often underrated in the fashion industry, but their choices can make or break a designer’s success. By selecting a designer’s creations for a multi-brand shop, they can bring attention to a lesser-known designer, for example. A Metaverse fashion show like I AM AI can make the selection process faster and easier for buyers while also making them aware of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the end product. This component can add value to what they see on the virtual hanger and help them make more informed decisions.


Istituto Marangoni Firenze focuses on combining technology and fashion. The successful designer Alessia Ancillotti, who graduated from the Florence school and won the YKK Prize during the last Milano Fashion Week, has already managed to combine these two realms in the three selected outfits from her graduate collection Oltre

metaverse-fashion-show MANIFESTO screen 2 copia
From Istituto Marangoni Firenze.

“It was an interesting experience,” says Alessi. “I usually used to work manually, linking art and technology. This experience provided food for thought and allowed me to grow and increase my skills in so many ways”, says Alessia. 

metaverse-fashion-show SHENZHEN 16_9 copia
From Istituto Marangoni Shenzhen.

The designer went on to say, “Digital shows can be a great opportunity to create immersive and experiential contexts, which are elements that tie into my collection. I am grateful to be able to participate in such a meaningful event for the school and for fashion in general.”

Are you ready to experience the I AM AI revolution? Join our Metaverse from December, 5th. Enjoy!

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