4 Reasons Why I Love the Multimedia Arts Programme

A fable for tomorrow | MEET Milano | Istituto Maragoni Firenze | Immersive Room | Alessandro Corradini | Giuditta Magnani | Iva Nešić 32

Diary of a creative, art-loving and initially bewildered student who found his way.

A fable for tomorrow | MEET Milano | Istituto Maragoni Firenze | Immersive Room | Alessandro Corradini | Giuditta Magnani | Iva Nešić 32


By Asia Niero. Cover image: A Fable for Tomorrow. Istituto Marangoni Firenze students exhibition at MEET Digital Culture Center, Milan.

Ever since I decided to leave my scientific studies in favour of a Multimedia Arts course, I knew that I wanted to dive into the enchanting world of art.
However, it was difficult for me to choose the specific artistic fields to focus on as art has an impact on various domains. Moreover, I was searching for a balance between innovation and interdisciplinarity to combine technological skills and creativity. Therefore, I opted for the Multimedia Arts course at Istituto Marangoni Firenze, which offers a critical perspective on different artistic languages and practical abilities.
During the programme, I have had the opportunity to explore various artistic areas, ranging from traditional to digital, often also interacting with fashion, which is itself a very refined art form.

1. In Multimedia Arts course you shift from painting to 3D art. Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? 

Contemporary artists are proving to be multifaceted and versatile, showcasing their creativity in a variety of areas. Multimedia Arts students have a valuable opportunity to experiment with diverse mediums, including painting, graphic design, photography, video, 3D art and sound design, obtaining a well-rounded education.

This multidisciplinary approach is teaching me to understand which medium is the most effective for representing a concept. I often find myself creating projects for different environments and clients, which is why this type of training is especially helpful for me and my colleagues.

2. A Multimedia Art Course prepares you to immerse yourself in a bustling creative hub

I like to think of the school as a creative hub where tutors and students work together to create well-structured projects. Multimedia Arts tutors are not only teachers but also professionals in the field who guide students in bringing their ideas to life. For example, last year, I decided to organise a small photographic exhibition titled TERRENO | DAMMI UNA RISPOSTA, which explored two different themes.

One theme was related to the impulsive and carnal sphere of human beings, while the other reflected on the concept of stillness and narrative in photography. Despite the project was not related to the school curriculum, the professors were very supportive and always ready to help me in any way possible, whether it was in the creation of flyers or in the conception of the event itself.

3. As a student, you’ll be the heart of the school

As I mentioned earlier, the school is a hotbed of creativity, offering a unique artistic vibe and triggering a strong desire to engage. This environment makes it particularly easy to collaborate with students from different courses. As part of the Multimedia Arts course’s programme, we often work with Arts Curating students, and the artist-curator duo plays a vital role in the art world.

But it’s not just them we get to work with. Our most interesting results often come from collaborations with fashion styling undergraduates; when two or more creative minds come together but with entirely different focuses, approaches and tasks, it can lead to groundbreaking outcomes. Fashion stylists contacted me to work as a photographer for their shoots or to take on the role of the artist; in these cases, the two creatives work hand-in-hand to achieve a shared vision. 

4. Don’t be afraid to change your initial plans. It’s a self-discovery journey, and you should embrace it

I started this journey thinking that my plastic-sculptural studies would remain the focal point of my work and that I would never part with analogue techniques. Yet here I am, passionate and curious about discovering more and more about digital art. My goal is to create a bridge between the traditional academic sphere and the more innovative and experimental approaches. This is how the Multimedia Arts course nurtured my vision.

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