Magliano as Guest Designer at the Upcoming Pitti Uomo


And we look forward to seeing the cantor of forgotten Italian provinces in Florence.



By Giulia Piceni. Cover image: Giovanni Copelli painting for Magliano FW 23 campaign.

“It’s a beautiful feeling to be seen”. If there is a sentence that could perfectly encapsulate the gentle soul of Luca Magliano, this would be it. And now we couldn’t be happier knowing that he will be in Florence as a guest designer at the next edition of Pitti Uomo, which will take place from 9 to 12 January 2024 at Fortezza da Basso in Florence. Great news indeed, marking a magical, full-circle moment in Luca Magliano’s career, as he made his catwalk debut during Pitti Uomo in 2018 with his “Wardrobe for a Man in Love” collection.

Luca Magliano Jacopo Benassi black white photography
Jacopo Benassi, portrait of Luca Magliano. © Jacopo Benassi.

A 2023 LVMH Prize finalist, along with the Italian-based brands Quira and Setchu, the Bolognese fashion designer stated these wise words on stage while accepting the well-deserved Karl Lagerfeld Prize.
In his words, to be “seen” and admired by an international crowd is a great honour but also a responsibility for the young designer, who has garnered a lot of social media attention thanks to the pen of Giuliana Matarrese, who interviewed him for Linkiesta Etc and openly endorsed his brand’s ethos.

Giovanni Copelli painting for Magliano FW 23 campaign.

Magliano and his fashion vision coming from the Italian backroad

As a young designer with a strong vision and immense talent, Magliano belongs to the rare category of great souls who can make people dream while looking at their clothes.
His world is all about the raw, unglamorous, and industrial side of Italy stuck in the memory of the economic boom of the 60s, the promised land of the 70s and 80s and the rebellious subcultures of the 90s.
The stories he brings on the runway are about dark provinces living on the edge of a failed dream, with Saturday nights spent at the local Roxy bar smelling of cigarettes and linoleum interiors. Magliano isn’t afraid of making political statements through his garments, referencing the protest movements of his hometown, Bologna.

The greatness of Magliano lies in his focus on the clothes, true to the Made in Italy style that made the boot-shaped peninsula famous a couple of decades ago. His creations reflect quality in every aspect, from the conception of the piece to craftsmanship, without falling into a mere sartorial exercise but experimenting with everyday codes that belong in the backroad.

The anti-glamour quintessence of Luca Magliano

Luca Magliano has created a personal universe where every bluegrass enthusiast can find a piece of themselves. It’s an understated world, yet so romantic that it doesn’t need any grandeur or spectacular artifice to impress. Its power lies in an unglamorous reality that is hardly represented without embellishments in high fashion – which has ended up fetishising it. His style has won over many hearts, including mine, which beats faster as I write these words, hoping that the purest form of fashion can survive through Magliano’s designs.

Looking forward to meeting him in Florence!

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