En Plein Air, when Styling Merges into Nature

The latest Fashion Publishing projects include a unique edition named En Plein Air, the independent magazine created by fashion stylist Giorgio Scarpellini.


by Giorgio Scarpellini & I’M Firenze Digest Editors. Cover image by Onejda Brushtulli.

The art of fashion publishing can continue to thrive as long as young Visionary Minds at Istituto Marangoni Firenze remain dedicated to creativity and use paper as a key tool. 
This passion for books and magazines is particularly evident among Fashion Styling & Creative Direction and Arts Curating students. 
After digging into their artworks, recently showcased at the Fashion Room bookstore in Florence, a particular issue caught our attention and piqued our curiosity.
“Promettersi di non Svanire” is the title of the fashion editorial extract from the fashion publishing project En Plein Air created by stylist Giorgio Scarpellini, lensed by Onejda Brushtulli and modelled by Enrico Manno.
Here the power of visual storytelling is even more effective because of the paper medium (Arena Smooth, 120gr, 21 x 29,5 cm), perhaps one of the greatest values to be preserved by fashion publishing.

En Plein Air, the independent magazine created by fashion stylist Giorgio Scarpellini.

Inspiration? The Impressionist painters

En plein air, literally “in the open air”, is a French expression referring to a painting technique used for the first time by Impressionist painters, where they painted outdoors instead of in an atelier. This art style aims to capture the immediate sensations and perceptions of the subject being painted.

This apparently simple artistic approach represents a desire for humans to take risks and expose themselves. By painting ‘in the open air’, artists are willing to be seen without fear of external judgment, which could be interpreted as a form of cultural protest.

Giorgio Scarpellini is a Fashion Styling & Creative Direction undergraduate student at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.

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