Visualizing Ideas. Under your skin: Greta Peccia

To reconnect with the audience, every designer should add emotional value to their creations. Every month, a new tool or visual strategy used by the students at Istituto Marangoni Firenze is selected and commented on by the Editorial staff of I’M Firenze Digest. This May, we showcase the collection of undergraduate student Greta Peccia from the Fashion Design  &  Accessories course at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.


by Viktoriia Stanieva. Cover image: Greta Peccia, Reminiscenza, 2021

For this project, Greta Peccia took inspiration from her journey into her memories. She was striving to communicate a message everyone could relate to. The collection represents feelings and emotions, the common language each human uses to express their mood and condition.

Her designs involve a massive spectrum of emotions and feelings, using garments to communicate the contrast between repressed and expressed feelings. Greta’s primary urge is “to take the risk of experiencing all types of emotions we have under our skin”.

During her flat’s renovation works, Greta Peccia got inspired by the chaos and used the theme of deconstruction for her collection.

She did her primary research work by taking pictures of this location and then reworked the materials and volumes around her back then. Meanwhile, her mother acted as a “mannequin” for her manipulations.

Greta Peccia, Reminiscenza, 2021

The scenery was highly symbolic, as the disrupted apartment under construction was a metaphor for the person who had to ruin the facade to express their feelings.
We can also see the character’s self-reflection in many photos, either from the metallic plate or the mirrors.

Greta Peccia, Reminiscenza, 2021

The garments in her collection consist of unique shapes and materials. These shapes evoke the overwhelming sense of suffocating from clogging our feelings.

For example, the rope tied around the body stand for blocked, silenced emotions, while voluminous plastic bags recall ample freedom of movement.

Greta Peccia is a Fashion Design & Accessories undergraduate student at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.
Viktoriia Stanieva is a Fashion Styling & Creative Direction undergraduate student at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.

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