Visualizing Ideas. Future Nostalgia: Camille Bersier and Natalia Bermejillo

Natalia Bermejillo

Communicating a story is never trivial or obvious. Every month, a new tool or strategy to visualize ideas used by the students at Istituto Marangoni Firenze is selected and commented on by the Editorial staff of I’M Firenze Digest.

For November, the students in question are Camille Bersier and Natalia Bermejillo – both alumnae from the Master programme in Fashion Styling, Photography & Film at Istituto Marangoni Firenze – who worked separately and as a team to create different photoshoots and stylings. 

Natalia Bermejillo


by Amira Rossi. Images by Natalia Bermejillo and Camille Bersier. Cover image:A Whole Beautiful Mess, 2021.Styling and Creative Direction: Natalia Bermejillo. Photography: Paolo Colaiocco

A fashion stylist’s talent lies in their ability to adapt their aesthetic vision to every story and context. The only way to do this is to refuse any limits.
It is the never-ending search for the new, the contemporary, the avant-garde.
It is the excitement they feel when facing the complexity of humanity, as their profession requires them to portray it.
Never tired of looking for inspiration, the best stylists work to tell their own story or that of others, and they strive to communicate a message. These are just some of the secrets about being a great fashion stylist, i.e. a fashion storyteller.
And that is exactly what Camille Bersier and Natalia Bermejillo do: they are storytellers. Through their photoshoots, they managed to tell and represent multiple stories, sharing their specific point of view and their sense of beauty.
What unites the two students is certainly a sense of nostalgia projected into the future. This can be easily seen from the series Back to future, to which they contributed.
“We live in times where escapism and technology had never been so relevant and a part of people’s lives” Camille Bersier explains. That’s exactly what the article is about: escapism.
Their work shows a World War I soldier wearing clothing from that time, in a futuristic, galactic setting. The main character is therefore a historical figure, but because of the change of times, he looks like an alien.
The two girls are connected more than anything else by the strength of their images. Blue and pink lights. Black and white filters.

Original world war memorabilia, but also ethnic and modern items. Contemporary and diverse models.
Pure eclecticism. Courageous representations in every respect. Photos that do not hide, but show themselves unintimidated as objects that need to be observed, understood, interpreted.
Think about the past. Look forward to the future.
Express yourself bravely in the present.

A Whole Beautiful Mess, 2021. Styling and Creative Direction: Natalia Bermejillo. Photography: Paolo Colaiocco. Models: Ibrahim, Aminta, Daniel, Isac Ly. Makeup: Lara Quercioli
Break-up, 2021. Photographer, Stylist & Creative director: Camille Bersier. Model: Manon Laurencet
Industry project for Aquazzura, 2021. Stylist & Creative Director: Camille Bersier. Photographer: Ruggero Mengoni. Model: Yasmine Saliba Mengoni

Natalia Bermejillo and Camille Bersier are Istituto Marangoni Firenze Alumnae. They graduated from the Fashion Styling, Photography & Film Master’s programme in 2021.
Amira Rossi is an undergraduate student in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.

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