Video of the Month. Neutral Gender: Chiara Muracciole

Video of the Month. Neutral Gender: Chiara Muracciole

Every month, a new video is selected and commented on by the Editorial staff of I’M Firenze Digest to showcase new visual languages and applications of moving images for artists, designers, and stylists. We are thrilled to start this new column with the research of Chiara Muracciole, who graduated in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction at Istituto Marangoni Firenze in 2021.

by Viktoriia Stanieva. Cover image by Chiara Muracciole

One of the main roles of a fashion stylist is to understand what is going on in the world and to reflect on the current events that would shape consumer behaviours. When it comes to styling, it is usually considered that trends are shaped by society, rather than vice versa, so it is important to be curious about subjects that could be both inspiring and widely discussed.
In 2021, Chiara Muracciole graduated as Best Student in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction at Istituto Marangoni Firenze, where this video was produced as part of a project called Gre3nwich

Chiara Muracciole, Gre3nwich, 2021
Styiling: Chiara Muracciole
Photography: Ruggero Mengoni
Model: Lee Chen
Garments: Novemila Street Vintage, Firenze

The name was inspired by the London district because of the street-style influence behind the outfits. The whole project had a strong focus on androgyny and gender issues, which are getting increasing attention every year thanks to the work of activists as well as in the fashion industry. People see genders and pronouns as a label rather than an identifier, and Chiara Muracciole’s research reflects the main goal of our generation, which is to fight against prejudices and stereotypes. 
Another important trend that Chiara decided to address in her project is the popularity of vintage garments. Buying vintage or up-cycled items can sure help the environment, and brings back trends from the 80s and 290s, adding a nostalgic feel to the outfit.
The video features only one model, Lee Chen, who in Chiara’s opinion is “the perfect androgynous beauty”. The styling was also as gender neutral as possible, with sports garments like baseball hats, hoodies, oversized T-shirts, etc, which can be worn without identifying a specific gender.
Fashion, as expressed by Chiara Muracciole, should not be about setting genders apart, following traditions. Fashion can create new styling opportunities by mixing menswear and womenswear to create a sense of freedom and self-expression.

Chiara Muracciole is an Istituto Marangoni Firenze Alumna. She graduated in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction in 2021.
Viktoriia Stanieva is an undergraduate student in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.